by Clint Hoekstra

Right out the gate, there was quite a bit of blood; I can’t say I was expecting so much gorebius.

I hadn’t seen many of the latest Marvel films, so I wasn’t caught up with the extended lorebius.

The plot involved a doctor keeping dead bats in a drawerbius, and numerous live bats behind a locked doorbius.

He worked with another scientist, to who he had become a mentorbius.

Aside from the bats, his lab had very little decorbius.

At one point, the doctor rides a large ship, one that didn’t likely require a single oarbius.

Before his transformation, Leto looked sickly, every inch of him having a purple sorebius.

Every task for the doctor was an exhausting chorebius.

He then changed into a superhuman creature beforebius they reached the shorebius.

Little did he know what his newly invented bat blood strength had in storebius.

The change had turned him into a carnivorebius, unlike the vegetarian brontosaurbius.

At the end of each transformation, he let out a loud roarbius.

The plot eventually involved this doctor and numerous authorities engaging in a warbius, but the doctor had no time for this. He had to settle a scorebius.

The cave he had to originally explorebius to find the bats looked like something out of Tolkien’s Mordorbius.

The visual effects may leave your jaw on the floorbius.

The main characters often jumped building to building, like supervillian parkourbius.

The film had the feel of an early 2000s action thriller, like The Corebius.

The numerous references to Spiderman foe Venom were hard to ignorebius.

Being a Marvel film, it was very violent, but the characters rarely ever sworebius.

I was surprised not to see a cameo from the Mighty Thorbius.

For better or worse, it wasn’t a total borebius.

I would not however go as far as calling the movie glorbius.

It will likely be relegated to the non-sequel-producing fate of the infamous Fantastic Fourbius.

favourite line “the antibody is deadly to bats, and fatal to humans”