Host/Producer: Levi Gogerla

Host/Editing/Audio/Music: Clint Hoekstra

Videography: Kitrina Brodhecker

Captions: TJ Sokoluk

Promoter Still Supporting Suplexes with Shenanigans

by Levi Gogerla

Towards Christmas some time before the Virus took hold, on the contrary to chasing ticket sales, Clandestine Society were throwing down in an invite only secret bloodletting.  Santa Claus in the front row – Blood upon the stage, he had safety glasses on and a six pack at his feet. Winter is usually slow for outlaws, the roads are slick and the cold wind cuts the flesh like a broken lighting tube going through the head of Sheik Shabaz, his snow white pants running red with blood… Colton Kelly soon with a moonsault gets a belly of glass. Evan Adams with no one to temporarily harm gives himself a light tube to the skull to chants of ‘You sick fuck!’

Thaddeus Archer 3 is ringside, a Boney M record goes through his head. He breaks up the pin fall between Shabaz and Kelly by hammering the ref with a light tube. Shabaz, grabbing Archer by the tie, sends him through the Barb-wired board. There will be no more interference by Thaddeus Archer III as he lies prone via chokeslam in a mess of blood and wire..

“It’s funny because the death match was a one off, after the clean-up … we said not again for a long time, or never!  We’ve had a few running gimmicks Like the Imitation Game, the ClusterFuck Tribute, and a rare comedy here and there like the dildo on a pole match. Once things open up and we get more wrestlers available, we might see more gimmick based matches.” Archer says.

Thaddeus Archer 3 is talking about The Clandestine Society and over the past month Act 2 has seen its filming, under strict Covid 19 protocol completed it can be viewed through the Backbreaker Media YouTube channel. The Clandestine Society gets its name through anonymity because it feels like they’ve been a secret in the wide world of western Canadian wrestling. With some of the major players across Western Canada’s heavy hitting wrestling personalities, The Clandestine Society desires to become a major force in independent wrestling.

God’s Gift to Wrestling Michael Richard Blaise is the driving force behind Clandestine,” Thaddeus Archer III says. “I jumped at the chance to work with him on the concept.  Came up with the name, and have tried to help it along in every way. It’s a slightly different take on Indy wrestling. The Clandestine Society is a company always looking for new ways to put Alberta wrestling back on the map.

I once wrote – ‘Archer finds himself at home with flamboyant and super-heroic personas daily—brawlers who have been fixtures in Alberta’s wrestling scene for years. ‘  His show The Archer Report aims to shed light on much of the local wrestling talent – one episode short of 100 he has showcased everything from 300-pound behemoths; Vikings from Newfoundland, To Paul Bearer chicken endorsements with squeaky high pitched voice – one highlight from the Recent Clandestine Society Michael Richard Kane VS Heavy Taker – imitation match.

 Thaddeus Archer as Paul Bearer and Heavy Taker (Heavy Metal)

“There’s a lot of goofy comedy in the process of using YouTube as a platform, and creating a show to tie it all together,” Archer says. “But it takes the edge off a bunch of guys screaming promos at each other and The Archer Report helps to really pack a punch when we’ve got something serious to say.”  –   Vue Weekly 2018, Archer Quote. 

“100 is going to take a LOT of work, it won’t be associated with one show but as weird as fuck mix of stuff – the concept is so weird but I’m down to talk about it. It’s so outrageous I’m worried we won’t even make it work.” Archer says.