Humanitarian Emergency as Corrupt Ethiopian Government Slaughters Civilians  

by Levi Gogerla

video edited by Clint Hoekstra

“Canada must act!” Protestors shout in unison in downtown Edmonton as the deaths of hundreds massacred in the Tigray region of Ethiopia come to light. Outraged Canadian protestors march in unison against Ethiopian fascism. 

In September 2020, Tigray held its own parliamentary election, defying a government ban on elections due to the ongoing pandemic. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared the election illegal. The situation in the region has since escalated and tensions between the regional state and federal government are at an all-time high. 

More protestors in downtown Edmonton – Photograph by Levi Gogerla

On the 23rd of February there was a massacre. More than 80 were slaughtered by the Eritrean Army.  There was also a battle on the day of St. Selassie between federal forces and TPLF fighters. The army thereafter accused villagers of supporting the enemy. Those unable or unwilling to flee were slaughtered.

After months of denials, the Ethiopian Prime Minister conceded that Eritrean troops, tanks, and militia were in Tigray last year with witnesses saying they slayed and tortured civilians. 

“All nations and nationalities must stick together today against the Fascist Ethiopian Government.” A protester says. “We need the Eritrean invaders out of Tigray and freedom for all nations and nationalities who have suffered under the Ethiopian empire for hundreds of years.”

More than half a million people are now in internal exile in Ethiopia after being forced from their homes by warfare into camps unable to cope under the weight of numbers.

Months of conflict between Ethiopia’s National Defence Force and fighters from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front have created a catastrophic human crisis. Victims of sexual violence are overwhelming hospital staff, as rape has been  used as a deliberate and reoccurring weapon in the ongoing warfare.