the words of Mother Earth via writer Justin Roberts

Reality has always been a difficult concept to grasp for those of the simple-minded disposition. The majority of those who rest upon my great bosom (or shoulders, if you’d like to keep it PG) have a firm understanding of what is real and what isn’t. Tangibility is, after all, an idiot’s kryptonite.

But why, oh, why am I asking you such a stupid, simple question?

Well, the reality is, in fact, much more stupid.

But before I bring reality crashing down onto your heads, let me revisit a time when I didn’t feel quite so sick, quite so tired.

Less than a century ago, the world population stood at 2.5 billion; 70 years later, it has now topped-out at just short of 8 billion people. My friends, that is a lot of weight for me to carry around. Like a malignant growth, the human species has spread from continent to continent, taking far more than it has ever given to me – I have grown sick, and your leaders have grown insolent.

World Population Graph – Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Since 1950, according to an article that highlights what I have been feeling more year-by-year, the human race has actively simplified my biosphere, a system that has taken nearly 4 billion years to reach the balance you know and exist in today. You exist, I may add, as 96% of mammalian life by weight (perhaps it’s time you all go on a diet).

If that isn’t a staggering reality check, the article goes on to identify that 75% of ice-free land mass has been directly altered by the human race; does ‘keep your hands off’ mean anything to you guys?

These statistical realities are something that many of you have woken up to; you’ve tried to push for reform, policy changes, better energy supply, recycling and replanting initiatives (thank you, by the way, I missed the cover of foliage). In the grand scheme of things, you, the masses, haven’t been quiet about what is going on. But while you live in a supposed democratic world, your actions and demands seem to fall on deaf ears politically. 

Such politicians lead parties like the federal Liberals in Canada, and their official opposition, the Conservative Party of Canada (CCP) – a party that seems to want to do everything but listen to you, or me, for that matter.

A recent CBC article highlights the ignorance of said party – one that has voted to reject the reality of climate change.

That’s right, they reject my reality.

I, for one, would love to be a world where the weather isn’t threatening civilization; despite taking more than you give, I do like having you all around.

I would take blame, but it isn’t mine to take. Despite what the CCP convention seems to believe, climate change is a very real thing and I don’t even need to go back 20 years to prove it.

Let me provide you with a breakdown: Australia fires, hurricane Sandy, the Fort McMurray wildfire, the 2013 Calgary flood, and the Texan cold snap of this year are but a few examples of the most recent weather changes related to climate change. These events resulted in billions of dollars worth of damages, livelihoods turned upside down, destroyed homes and businesses, and loss of life – but it isn’t enough of a reality, is it?

The fact of the matter is that humanity has altered the global climate far faster than it would have happened naturally – an alteration that threatens the very lives of human beings. But according to the CCP, climate change isn’t worth a policy change in their book.

I would tell you that you’ll see my anger and wrath in the coming storms, but those storms are no longer under my control. And while humanity may have plundered, pillaged, and carved me to pieces, I am not a Mother that wants to see her young dead.

What I want, more than anything, is for reality to be reflected in your policies; you are two decades into this century, and it’s already being debated whether or not humanity will survive into the next.

It is high time that you all band together and school the politicians that run your nations as to what is real and what isn’t. You can count on Mother to have your back.

These have been this week’s words from Mother.