by High Priestess Siew Doenim

Good morning beautiful souls!

This pandemic has not been easy on any of us over the last year. With all the taxing restrictions, uncomfortable mask-wearing, heavy use of chemicals and rigorous sanitization, and isolation from our loved ones – it has been so exceedingly difficult to keep our vibrations from being dampened.

 In light of these recent events, many individuals have been struggling with higher rates of stress, depression, and anxiety. They have thus become bogged down, their spirits stuck in the intolerable 3D.

Now if this sounds like something you are currently experiencing, then first and foremost, do not despair! Stagnation of the self is perfectly normal during a “crisis” (even a manufactured one!). What truly matters is how you deal with your low vibrational energy and retake charge of your life!

Remember that natural healing is always best, for Mother Gaia provides all we need. Though your doctor may push the idea  that Big Pharma is the answer in these challenging times, ask yourself this: are those mind-altering chemicals really what you need to pump into your body?

Instead, I have compiled a shortlist of high vibrational crystals that you can use to help raise your energy and stave off that pesky mental illness that may currently be plaguing you.

Smoky Quartz – courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

1.  Smoky Quartz

This crystal is excellent for absorbing negative energy and helping with negative thought patterns. It also helps to balance and open your root chakra. Keep it close to your body when suffering from a depressive episode (the closer, the better!) and remember to cleanse it often.

2.  Carnelian

This is a bright and vibrant crystal that resonates with motivation and will. This crystal will aid you by boosting your motivation and staving off fatigue and anxiety. This is also an excellent aid for your sacral chakra, as it opens, stimulates, and revitalizes it.

Tiger’s Eye – courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

3.  Tigers Eye

This crystal aids in mental fortitude, and helps shift toxic mindsets. It also helps relieve blocked emotions and is particularly beneficial for your root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. Often if your lower chakras are blocked, you may suffer from lower vibrational disorders like depression, anxiety, and insecurity.

4.  Lepidolite

Lepidolite is considered one of the best mood stabilizers in the crystal world; this crystal also contains lithium and is phenomenal at combating anxiety. This crystal also absorbs negative energies and thoughts. It is beneficial in stabilizing your heart, third-eye, and crown chakras.

Amazonite – courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

5.  Amazonite

This is a crystal that aids in dispelling negative energies and easing anxiety. It can also help protect your cells from geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution, as it absorbs electronic radiation. Amazonite is also great for releasing toxic emotions and helps dissolve grief and fear. It aids both the heart and throat chakras.

6.  Lapis Lazuli

This is a crystal often used in aiding mental health due to it promoting harmony and balance. Lapis Lazuli is an excellent stone in fighting off depression and other mental disorders, as well as healing emotional trauma. This powerful healing crystal is a superb support for both the throat and third-eye chakra.

Amethyst – courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

7.  Amethyst

This purple crystal is a catch-all for grief, depression, stress, and anxiety. It helps those struggling emotionally, soothing pain and providing a release for anger, rage, and fear. It also resonates with the third-eye and crown chakras, increasing intuition and helping one tap into higher vibrational realms.

Remember to cleanse your crystals often as they absorb negative energies and will not be as effective in treating your ailments otherwise. It is also wise to charge your crystals often via the sun or moonlight but keep in mind that some crystals will fade with sun exposure. For extra powerful charging, leave your crystals out under the light of the full moon for exactly 24 hours.

The best ways to use your crystals to aid in healing are to wear them as jewelry, carry them in your pockets or purse, or my personal favourite, meditating naked under the moonlight with the crystals placed on your corresponding chakras. If you are finding that your problems stem from other people mucking up your energy field, try firmly realigning their chakras by throwing the crystals at them instead.

Proper crystal throwing method – courtesy of Tenor

If you have been practicing healing with crystals and notice that recovery is slow, they likely need to be cleansed or charged. Crystals are remarkably effective in treating everything from mental illness to physical ailments, so if you aren’t seeing results, you’re simply not using them correctly. Remember, use crystals, not chemicals!

Blessed be ~

High Priestess Siew Doenim is a 5-Star Etsy customer and a level 9 Vegan.